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Gym Equipment Servicing for Homes and Gyms

Maintaining and repairing our own equipment for many years has led us to develop a dedicated gym equipment servicing workshop, based in Petersfield, Hampshire. Customers are welcome to drop off their equipment there, or, if this is not practical, we will visit their home or workplace to carry out the work there.

Prior to Visit

We always try to diagnose any problems prior to our visit, so we ask for as much information as possible, including: the manufacturer, model, serial number, and sometimes a photograph. Our labour and travel costs are competitive, especially for local customers, and all customers receive a detailed report of the work carried out.

Treadmill - Gym Equipment Servicing in Petersfield, Hampshire


Any parts required are supplied at an additional cost, but we will always quote the price before ordering them in. Lubricants and small items, like screws, are not charged for, unless they are specific to the machines.


Our objective is to work in a non-intrusive way with minimal disruption, but please understand that some maintenance is messy. We aim to leave the room in the same condition as when we arrived, and if it is necessary to remove an item for a major overhaul, this service is offered. We do, however, charge for the time spent repairing a machine in our workshop. There is also the option of hiring a replacement machine for a short time, which can be arranged under our normal hire terms.


All of our Servicing work is reported using work sheets and given to the customer for their records. If we feel that any issue needs addressing in the near future, the customer will be advised, so that it can be scheduled into a future service.

Added Value

We complete a full diagnostic site survey which allows us to schedule servicing, during which we provide electrical repairs and wire cable and upholstery replacement. We offer customers a bespoke annual service contract, and are always open and transparent about the costs.

Repairs are often more cost-effective than replacing a whole machine, however the best way to avoid repairs altogether is by having your equipment serviced regularly. This is especially important with equipment which is still relatively new, as poor maintenance may invalidate the manufacturer warranty.

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